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Timber Windows
8 June 2018

Timber Windows - Bring Out The Creative Look of Your House

Whether you are building or renovating your home or just planning for the future, you might want to get the best windows that will help protect your house from the elements. At West Country Windows, we have windows made from the most versatile products of nature- timber! Wooden windows are attractive and can add a traditional elegance as well as class to your home. Our timber windows are brilliantly designed and can be installed in both commercial and residential properties.

Timber windows can be either painted or stained to showcase the natural grain. Timber windows come in a wide variety of opening designs, such as a vertical sliding sash, multi-light casements, and tilt-turn sash among others. These windows also come in a variety of styles, including large contemporary designs and traditional small panes. Therefore, it is possible to choose the preferred style of wooden window to match any building, whether for a new build or replacement of a traditional property.

Timber windows are made from softwood or hardwood the latter being more long lasting than the former. Softwood is popular among consumers who want more cost-effective wooden windows. Softwood is usually painted but it can be stained. Softwood windows need to be painted every few years. Hardwood grows slower than softwood and its grain is therefore tighter.

Over the last few decades, the evolution of wooden frame windows in terms of durability, quality, and design has been dramatic. Manufacturers are producing wooden windows that can take double, single or triple glazed insulating glass units to capitalize on advances in wood technology to suit particular specifications.

Even though the initial cost of timber windows could be higher than that of UPVC windows, their whole life cost in terms of maintenance, durability and environmental impact is lower. Therefore, timber windows are a cost-effective option, particularly for houses where regular maintenance is not an easy option.

Windows made from timber are also durable. Manufacturers have made technological progress in producing windows that are not easily damaged by constant exposure to the elements. For instance, they apply finishing coats on the windows to prevent the deterioration of wood. When maintained in the right way, these windows will last for many years. Some simple maintenance procedures like painting and polishing can restore their original appearance.

Timber is also appealing because of sustainability. Wood is renewable and is generally accepted as an eco friendly choice for windows. If timber is sourced from forests that are properly managed and manufacturers choose the right stains and paints to use on the windows, timber is the best environmental choice.

At West Country Windows, we offer wooden windows that are efficient, strong and affordable. We use water based microporous coatings and boron-based preservation systems for our windows. The coating prevents moisture from gaining access to the wood and come with a guarantee against fungal decay and rot.

Our windows are bespoke built by our craftspeople in the Somerset factory. When you order windows from us, you can rest assured that they will be of high quality and will last for a very long time.


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