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21 November 2016

Enhancing Your Home with Aluminum Entrance Door

One of the first things visitors will see as they approach your home is your front door, but what is that door saying about you and your property? If you have a dated and peeling wooden door or an old fashioned entrance door it may be time to look at updating and, for a modern and contemporary look there is nothing better than an aluminum entrance door. Gained popularity in the later half of the 20th century, for many years they were perceived as only available in silver, surrounded by high maintenance hardwood subframes and above all prone to condensation.

Aluminium doors have been used for commercial and industrial doors for many years, however now with new styles and designs you can find a beautiful door for your home which is strong and resilient yet with a classical or contemporary design. For many years, aluminium doors were only available in silver and had issues with condensation, however, all of these issues have been resolved with the advent of the 21st century aluminium door.

Unlike UPVC doors, aluminium provides the ability to create slim frames and sight lines. The material has a very high strength to weight ratio ensuring that doors will not warp and the natural properties of aluminium means that it will not rust or be affected by the British weather.

Introducing the contemporary style of aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are designed with unique spacer technology and high-performing glass meaning that you have a highly energy efficient door which helps to keep your energy bills low!

Whatever the colour, aluminum doors are green!

Aluminum is one of the most environment-friendly materials available for door manufacture. When recycled it uses just 5% of the total energy needed to produce from scratch. Added to this is the high thermal efficiency, the doors have very low U-values meaning that there is very little loss of heat through the door saving your energy bills. The frames are also constructed with draft proof infills to ensure that your new door keeps the heat in and the elements at bay. If you want the finest door for your property you should consider aluminium, it is the strongest door on the market, resisting the weather as well as knocks and dents. It is a door which will truly last the lifetime of your home.

Not just keeping the weather out...

You can be sure that your new aluminium doors will not only keep out the worst of the weather, with it’s high security, multipoint locking you can be sure that you will be secure in your home with one of the strongest doors on the market.

Stronger than a traditional wooden doors and with none of the maintenance required, aluminium entrance doors are the natural choice, looking great for years to come. Have a look at the range of designs and colours which are available, you will find that there is an aluminium door which will suit your home.

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