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19 December 2016

Secondary Glazing Windows - Improved Efficiency For When You Cannot Replace Your Windows

Secondary glazing is an internal window installed to an existing window frame,
this is a perfect solution for listed buildings or conservation areas where replacing the main windows would not be allowed or would be excessively costly to achieve. 

Secondary Glazing Windows

If you live in a listed property or within a conservation area you will understand it may not be possible to replace your existing windows with a more modern and efficient replacement. Even if it was possible to do so the costs and time involved with the approval process and manufacture to replicate existing frames and panes may prove to be excessive. 

This does not mean that you cannot have a more energy efficient glazing solution for your home. Secondary glazing is an option, and involves the installation of slim-line windows within your existing window frames offering some of the energy advantages of double glazing as well as providing highly effective sound proofing. 

The use of secondary glazing means that the existing window is left unchanged, however you can have an internal window which provides all of the benefits of a more modern glazing system. The internal windows can either slide or be hinged as you require.

You will find that a secondary glazing unit will provide approximately 50% of the thermal efficiency of a replacement double glazed window, however it is a considerably more cost effective solution than replacing the whole window and frame. 

One of the most important benefits of secondary glazing is effective soundproofing. You will notice as soon as the windows are installed the room is considerably quieter. In terms of sound proofing, secondary glazing is in fact more efficient that a traditional sealed double glazed unit as the panes of glass have a greater separation which means the exterior noise is better isolated.   

Secondary glazing units are also easy to clean as the panes can be lifted out or tilted into the room for cleaning, making maintenance simple. 

Timber Casement Windows - Traditional Replacements For All Settings

If the existing windows you have in your listed building are made of wood it is likely that West Country Windows can manufacture direct replacements which will meet the requirements presented by conservation areas and listed buildings.

Timber windows supplied by West Country Windows are factory treated with a Boron based preservation system which prevents rot and decay. The windows are treated in water based micro-porous coatings available in a range of colours. All timber windows come with a full guarantee, you can be sure your new windows will give you many years of trouble free life!

Timber is naturally beautiful and offers class, sophistication and elegance, it is well suited to any property. West Country Windows have an extensive selection of timber casement windows for your home and office. Timber is a highly versatile material providing a range of design styles and configurations whilst achieving a naturally beautiful and durable finish.  West Country Windows can build windows in a variety of styles including; arched, bay window, casement and sliding sash. 

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