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timber porch doors
4 November 2016

Traditional Timber Doors with modern twist

Where on the finest timber doors with doing for your home, West Country Windows supply and install the high-quality timber doors, manufactured in the UK.

Bringing exterior timber doors up to date

External timber doors or timber porch doors are perfect for all properties, you cannot match the style and quality of a high-quality timber door. External timber doors supplied by West Country Windows have a range of innovations to give you the look of a great timber door with high security and energy efficiency built in. 


Unlike old-fashioned wooden doors, exterior timber patio doors fitted by West Country Windows are designed with the latest technology to ensure that they are durable and largely maintenance free, they are treated in the factory with a water-based treatment to provide many years of rot and fungal protection. Your new door withstands the test of time.  

External timber doors supplied by West Country Windows have inbuilt weather sealing and Planitherm glass to improve the energy savings you can gain from your new door. It will keep the outside chills from creeping into your home. 

For security, timber porch doors can be fitted with a highly secure multipoint locking system to add an additional piece of mind. Your new timber doors come with high security as standard. These are handsome doors which will save you on your heating bills and be the envy of the neighborhood!

Why choose timber doors?

Timber Doors are a traditional choice, however there is more to the modern timber doors than meets the eye. As they are a natural product they are naturally renewable, the timber is sourced from FSC certified forests. The Forestry Stewardship Council runs a global certification program to ensure that timber is produced from well-managed and sustainable forests. You can be sure that the timber used in the doors supplied by West Country Windows is all from sustainable sources.

Efficient and secure timber doors

External timber doors and timber porch doors from West Country Windows are highly energy efficient and come with draft proofing built into the frame as well as thermally efficient glazing panels using a Planitherm inner sheet to improve heat retention.

For security, the doors have an inbuilt multi-point espagnolette locking system as standard. An espagnolette locking system locks the door not only at the handle but also at the top and bottom of the frame ensuring the door is highly secure ensuring that intruders stay on the outside of your home! There are various handle styles and colors.

You can be sure that your new timber doors will be solid and secure, with inbuilt draft-proofing and high energy efficiency ratings you can be sure that your beautiful new door will be the envy of the street and will keep your home warm and secure.


Timber doors can be supplied in a wide variety of styles to suit any home. From a traditional cottage style porch door to a more contemporary style. Door profiles can be selected to match window profiles so that you get a unified and clean look to your property.

You can trust that West Country Windows can source and install a door which will best suit your requirements. Each door is built to your specification and finished to the highest standards, you can be sure that the doors will be functional and look beautiful for many years to come.Trust West Country Windows to provide you with the finest timber doors.

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