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20 September 2016

UPVC External Doors- Installation and Maintenance.

With so much choice, picking the right UPVC external doors for your property can be daunting, but it really shouldn’t be.

We fit more external UPVC doors than we do wood or aluminium for reasons other than the obvious - cost. UPVC doors are now the first choice for many projects, both small and large, because of the mix of high quality materials, first class performance and enhanced security features. Looking for a simple glazed design or something more ornate, UPVC doors can suit your individual taste and budget.

Durability – many customers choose to have UPVC Doors fitted as they are easy to maintain. Simply clean them with a mild detergent every 3-4 months to keep them looking great. Lubricate the locks and hinges once or twice a year to prevent wear and tear, and your external UPVC doors will last for many years.

The vast choice of designs and finishes –  other than the conventional white, UPVC doors now come in solid colours such as red, black, green, grey and for real impact woodgrain finishes such as rosewood, golden oak, rustic cherry, antique teak and several other finishes to suit your individual project requirements. Choose from a vast array of glazing options including patterned, Georgian, stained, leaded, sand blasted and more. For the finishing touch choose door furniture in gold, black, white, flint or anodised gold and silver.

Increased security – UPVC doors are renowned for providing maximum security through the use of multi-point locking systems, anti-lift bolts and other industry standard security features. 

Sound reduction – the sound reduction effectiveness of external UPVC doors should not be overlooked. If you live near a busy road or need to eliminate other local environmental noises, a well fitted, high quality external UPVC door could well be your best and most effective option.

Energy Performance – we are all looking to reduce wasted energy and cut bills. An expertly designed, manufactured and fitted UPVC door can help increase your home's overall energy efficiency as well as eliminate drafts and also reduce condensation.

For more information about West Country Windows' UPVC door products and installation, please contact us on 0800 378 371.

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