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Company History

The company was established in 1977 selling and installing aluminium windows mainly in the South West. Believing that the best way of controlling quality was to make the product we started manufacturing in the summer of 1978 since which time we have made and installed many thousands of windows and doors and many hundreds of thousands of sealed insulating glass units. We are one of the few companies that has 35 years of experience and is still owned and run by the same people who started it. In fact most of our management team have been with us for over 30 years and our customers benefit from that combined experience. We believe passionately in the importance and the benefits of building the product and the expertise we have acquired over the last three decades. We are respected for providing an after sales service and warranty that actually mean something should you ever need to call on them.

Our commitment to quality extends from manufacture to customer service and support. Every customer is guaranteed a personal and professional service. Expert advice is offered on the design of applications which best suit your home and your pocket, and you can be sure of a trouble free installation with the very best in after sales support.

Sealed Units

Did you know that almost half of all the UK's carbon dioxide emissions come from our buildings and homes? Windows play a huge role in this. According to the Energy Saving Trust, around 20% of the heat lost from an average home occurs through the windows. The heat lost contributes half a tonne of CO2 per home to the atmosphere and increases fuel bills.

Super Spacer is 950 times less conductive than aluminium and, as most of the heat loss through a window occurs at the edge of the unit, standard metal spacer bars act as a thermal energy drain allowing heat to escape from your home. Super Spacer blocks the escape route.

West Country Windows has been manufacturing Super Spacer units as standard since 1996 so all of our customers from 1996 onwards have benefited from the enhanced performance of these units. We were one of the first companies to achieve the accreditation EN 1279 part 1-3. We are so confident in our IG units that we give 15 year guarantee on them as standard.

There are many other benefits of installing windows with Super Spacer. It reduces condensation by up to 70% virtually eliminating the potential breeding ground for bacteria, mould and dust mites that can be harmful to people with respiratory diseases. Super Spacer also reduces noise transmission by up to 2dB which helps you keep your home an oasis of calm, away from the noise of the outside world.

Super Spacer is equally at home in PVC-U, timber or aluminium frames so you can have energy efficient windows whatever the style.

PVCu Performance

Only the best materials are used to manufacture our comprehensive range of products. For example, the PVCu profile supplied by Duraflex meets the highest standard for quality. Products are manufactured using calcium organic material produced under the latest British standards. PVCu has now achieved a Green Guide A rating which firmly establishes products as sustainable.

Enjoy the benefits of improved heat and sound insulation. Our well insulated frames, quality double glazing, weather tight seals and multi chambered profiles ensure that heat loss is kept to a minimum. Where noise is an issue, the thermal insulation properties of PVCu and our unique Q-Lon gasket will help to reduce noise from the outside worlds. Energy rated products are also available to ensure the best thermal efficient products not only complement your home, but benefit the environment and reduce energy bills.

Weatherseal performance matters in windows, that's why the Diamond Suite is supplied with Q-Lon pre-inserted into all sections.

Best acoustic and thermal performance across the widest temperature range 99% memory recovery. Retains shape year after year Low operating forces reduce wear and tear and gives ease of operation Leaves no rigid sprue after welding 20 year guarantee.

The charts below show the compression performance and set when compared with competitor gaskets, this demonstrated the recovery of the gasket after compression thus ensuring consistent performance after your windows are opened and closed, particularly if they are left closed for a long time.

The graph below shows the weather performance against competitor gaskets and demonstrates that Q-Lon provides less air leakage over a wide temperature range when compared to our competitor.

The tough exterior of our doors, windows and conservatories are designed to withstand the extremities of weather. The maintenance free finish retains their good looks with just a wipe over with a damp cloth. On the other hand, our tilt and turn window provides dual opening. By simply twisting the handle, you can engage the side hinges and swing the window right open for full ventilation or tilt the window inwards in a fixed position for gentle ventilation.

We offer a comprehensive range of solid colour and natural wood effect foils across our product range.

Irish Oak foil which will now offer the opportunity to match in and complement even more existing wood features. This foil option has the appearance of a real oak finish giving a higher quality overall aesthetic finish compared to standard colour options. This foil can be specified internally and externally on any of our systems so the home owner can still choose dual colour options.

Foils allow you to further bespoke the look of a home. Choose to have foils both internally and externally, or a 'Dual Colour' option of either foil on the outside and white inside or vice versa.

For further examples why not have a look at our PVCu Gallery images.

Energy Rating - what's it all about?

The Government has set itself a specific target of ensuring all new homes built after 2016 are zero carbon. This is in addition to the general requirement of an overall carbon emission reduction as set out by the Kyoto agreement.

To highlight this topic and enable a system which is both an independent source of information and also easy to understand, the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) working in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Council, have created a performance label (sample shown below) clearly defining the energy efficiency of windows from any manufacturer.

Launched in March 2004, the Window Energy Rating label is similar to that used on many white goods in our homes, such as fridges and washing machines. Windows are scored on a scale of A - G, with an A rated building product being more energy efficient than one which is G rated. This allows individuals to quickly and easily choose the windows most suitable for their needs.

In an ideal world, A rated windows would be installed in each home in the UK. However, recognising that a balance needs to be made between the availability and cost-effectiveness of such products, those which are given a rating of C and higher are recognized as energy efficient, and can officially be endorsed with the Energy Saving Recommended logo.

West Country Windows A rated performance label is shown below.

FENSA Registration– is that a quality guarantee?

No it isn’t. FENSA was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation because from 1st April 2002 all replacement glazing in houses came under building regulations. The installation of thousands of new windows every day would have swamped the local building authority so FENSA was set up to allow companies to self-certify. This is how it works:-

The company pays FENSA an annual subscription and receives a small number of sample inspections throughout the year where an assessor visits an installation to confirm that building regulations have been complied with. The number of inspections is actually a very small percentage of the work we carry out but it means we can record all our customers with FENSA who then send out a certificate to the householder confirming compliance. This certificate is important and should be kept with the household documents should you come to sell your house.

It is a convenient way of ensuring that your installation is certified. That is all. It is by no means a guarantee of quality. Beware those companies who suggest that it is.

Service and Maintenance

We have our own service and maintenance department. A call from you will be answered by a human being, not an automated message service that moves you from one department to another. We will log your call and attend to it, by appointment at the earliest opportunity.

If you feel that a service or maintenance call is required we will aim to deal with it as soon as we can. If the work is chargeable we will advise you of cost and seek your approval.

The Company has over the past 35 years acquired a lot of old stock. And we have also bought stock from companies that have ceased trading. We are therefore well placed to repair older installations where parts have become obsolete. We can also make replacement parts such as sealed glass units very promptly and can often help deal with emergencies where national companies can’t provide service at this level.


We offer 10 and 15 year warranties as standard but we do offer up to 25 years on certain products if this is required.

Show sites & Factory

We have a range of Conservatories, Windows and Doors on display at all sites. The two show sites are open seven days a week.

Sponsored Charity

West Country Windows sponsors The Malawi Home Based Care Charitable Trust.

To find out more about the incredible work being done by this charity please follow the link :

CE Mark & Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

From July 2013 all products will need to comply, by law, with the Construction Product Regulation (CPR).

We are one of the first home improvement manufacturers in Somerset to comply with this important standard which allows us to mark our products with the CE mark.

Double Glazing - Q & A

At first glance windows can seem the same wherever they come from. It is not until you take a closer look that the differences really show themselves. Unfortunately most sales samples shown to you will be a single opening sash or a cut off corner sample. This is because it isn’t practical to carry around a bigger window.

What you won’t see with a small sample is how the mullions and transoms are jointed. We believe that the traditional joint is far more pleasing than the welded joint and our customers agree with us. Almost all the windows we make are jointed this way and are externally glazed

Not true! All our units are held in by glass locks. The only way through is to break the glass. And because they are externally glazed all the joints are traditional and the window’s appearance is more refined.

No problem we make internally glazed windows too. It’s just that we genuinely believe the externally glazed window looks better

Because a large automatic machine can spit out literally hundreds of them per day. For a large production line this makes them cheaper to produce. Due to their design using a reverse butt weld an internally glazed window can use lots of small off-cuts to make up the frame.

We hope not. We understand that price is important and we aim to be competitive but the build quality has to take priority. We stand by the long term performance of our products so it doesn’t make sense for us to compromise on the materials

Yes. The sections are designed so that the higher part of the frame is always on the inside. Any water drains outside and does not leak into the room.

  • Chartered Trading Standards Institute
  • Glass and Glazing Federation
  • Fensa
  • Conservatories Association
  • Trust Mark
  • GGFI

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