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uPVC Windows - Thermally Efficient, Energy Saving Windows

Whether it is uPVC or PVCu, these windows are a strong, heat-efficient and very cost effective choice.

They offer a long-term reliability and wipe-clean surface that will never rot, flake, rust or fade.

uPVC windows offer a great endurance and robustness when installed correctly at your home or office. It is a recyclable material, making it one of the most affordable options for your windows.

uPVC is a thermoplastic material, which can be moulded into any desired shape, design, pattern, finish and colour. West Country Windows manufacture these windows to fit your home from measurements taken by our surveyors. Each window is made to measure, individual and bespoke. 

There is no maintenance and cleaning is made simple with the inward tilt facility, no more repainting or working to repair rattling window panes! There is a wide choice of finishes from clean white to a selection of wood style finishes, giving you the flexibility to make your house look as stylish as you wish.

Benefits of uPVC Windows 

There are a number of benefits to installing uPVC windows over other window styles:

  • Efficiency - uPVC is highly thermally efficient. 
  • Stormproof, durable, and tough.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof.
  • You can install uPVC frames and windows for both interior and exterior purposes.
  • When compared with either wood or aluminium, uPVC is a lower cost material, meaning that the installed price is lower.
  • The windows do not require regular maintenance, cleaning and care.

Energy Ratings & U Values

All windows now have to comply with energy ratings. As a result, an independent body, BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) provide a label system that enables consumers to understand any products energy performance.

The BFRC label clearly indicates the rating of the designated window (A++ to G) depending on the energy efficiency levels achieved by the manufacturer. A++ is the most energy efficient, G the least efficient. The level of energy efficiency is indicated by one of a range of coloured bars – very similar to the energy efficiency labels found on fridges, freezers, washing machines and other household products.

During the rating process, the energy efficiency level is calculated and verified by BFRC, which is totally independent of any manufacturing or installing company. Manufacturers of BFRC rated product and BFRC Authorised Installers are audited to ensure that their energy efficient windows are achieving the stated rating. The BFRC energy ratings allow you to compare varying window products and choose the most suitable for your home.

West Country Windows deliver the complete energy efficient window systems:

1) 5 Chamber Outerframe is a 5 Chambered system, offering the ultimate design to maximise strength as well as thermal, acoustic and security performance.

2) Q-Lon Weatherseal All Duraflex profile is supplied with Q-lon weatherseal as standard; offering exceptional performance over a wide temperature range. Q-lon delivers improved weathering, acoustic and thermal performance - year-on-year.

3) A++, A+, A, B and C Rated energy ratings are achievable in a wide range of glass specifications. 

Casement Windows

The 70mm casement is a comprehensive system available in bevelled and fully featured styles. Achieving better SAP calculations under the Code for Sustainable Homes initiative, plus BFRC C, B or A rating for enhanced energy efficiency and a BRE expected lifecycle in excess of 35 years, West Country Windows has the ability to meet your needs. A full range of ancillaries allows varying product types to be manufactured, including Mock Horn and French casements.

Flush Casement

Our Flush Casement Sash delivers traditional aesthetics and beauty of heritage designs, without any of the drawbacks. These windows are designed with our high performing Q-lon gasket system and available in welded and mechanical joint options. The flush sash is compatible with the current range of outer-frame and transom combinations, offering complete system compatibility.

Compatible with 28mm and 36mm beading options, as well as our range of ancillary items.

Tilt & Turn Windows

The Tilt and Turn range feature a dual opening mechanism for security, safety and practicality. By twisting the handle to 90 degrees, the sash tilts inwards to provide gentle ventilation; when turned to 180 degrees the side hinges engage to enable the window to be fully opened for ease of cleaning or fire escape.

Security is not compromised either, Tilt and Turn windows can be fitted with a variety of hardware and locking options and also conform to BS 7950 high-security status.

Reversible Windows

The fully reversible window is designed to be manufactured with casement, tilt and turn and side light combinations, making it the most versatile system on the market. Ideal for locations or structures where external cleaning is an issue; the design achieves a 180-degree reversible opening which allows the external pane of glass to be cleaned from the inside.

In addition, the hardware incorporates restricted opening positions for safety and ease of cleaning.

Q-Lon Gasket

There are gaskets. Then there’s Q-Lon – it has excellent compression recovery of 99%, giving constant height at corners for improved weathering and does not produce weld sprue. Furthermore, it provides low operating forces on gearing which in turn ensures ease of operation for the user.

Weatherseal performance matters in windows, that’s why our windows are supplied with Q-Lon high performance and long lasting gaskets that is resistant to weathering and reduces black mould build up.

Colour Finishes

Foils allow you to further bespoke the look of a building. Furthermore, all our foils are supplied on 100% calcium organic material and applied using our eco-friendly process.

All foils are available in these options: Foil on the outside and white on the inside, foil both internally and externally and also white outside with foil inside, the choice is yours.

All foil finishes are available on brilliant or standard white profiles and bevelled or featured options.

  • Chartered Trading Standards Institute
  • Glass and Glazing Federation
  • Fensa
  • Conservatories Association
  • Trust Mark
  • GGFI

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